Using White Right!

2013 December 14 |  Words by Samantha Jones | 

Using white right
If you’re looking to take your home décor in a fresh, new direction with a decorative scheme that is simultaneously versatile and striking, a white theme may be for you. Whether your taste favours classic, rustic, urban or contemporary styling’s, the appeal of this alluring shade lies in its adaptability.

When an object is cast in white, the items character and flair is brought to life in its simplest most pure form providing a canvas-like setting for which other elements can shine. For example, wood elements look richer against white, printed fabrics and vibrant colours appear more vivacious and sculptural elements more striking.

The same is true for making the most of your culinary delights. Against an arresting white ceramic serving plate, your tasty treats, dips, starters and meals and all their interesting colours, textures and presentation are illuminated in their best light.

Another benefit of white décor is that it works exceptionally well whether utilised in a dominant or sporadic fashion. For the daring and dedicated, an entirely white scheme exudes a chicness that few other colour choices can rival, while for those wanting to use white sparsely, infusions of stylish accents go a long way to brightening and accentuating your existing scheme. Paired with light or pastel tones, the white evokes a soft, spring-like feel that strengthens the pastel elements, while when used in conjunction with deep eye-catching colours, it serves as a striking contrast.

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