Towelling Up

2012 September 11 |  Words by Samantha Jones | 

Handy hints for keeping your towels as good as new…

Retaining the soft, plush, super absorbent nature of a brand new towel can be tricky. If cared for in the wrong way, your towel will be left a shell of its former luxurious self in mere weeks, leaving the fabric brittle, the texture coarse and the colour faded.

Here are a few easy-to-follow washing and drying guidelines that will help your towel maintain its original condition longer.


  • Before using a new towel, always wash it in a cool or warm machine wash. During this first wash it is a good idea to add one half cup of white vinegar to the wash water. This helps set the dyes and keeps the colouring of the towel vibrant for longer.
  • Always wash dark colour towels separately and to limit fading, use a detergent designed for colours.
  • Avoid using detergents containing brighteners on any towel that isn’t white, as it can drain and alter the look of the colours.
  • Avoid fabric softeners when washing. It leaves a coating on the fibres of your towels that reduce its absorbency. Most towels are naturally soft and absorbent and do not generally require additional conditioning.
  • Ensure washing powder and liquid is dissolved before adding towels. This prevents the fading and discolouration that can occur when detergent comes into direct contact.


  • For the softest finish, tumble dry your towels on a medium heat.
  • Avoid drying for excessive lengths of time at a high setting. This over dries the fabric removing its natural moisture and leaves the towel feeling coarse and harsh.
  • Ensure towels are not left wet or damp in a clothes basket or washing machine as this can result in mildew stains and bad odours.
  • An eco-friendly alternative to the tumble dryer is a clothing line or rack, though this drying method is less efficient in providing a soft, plush finish.
  • Before putting them on the washing line, shake the towel well and be careful not to leave it drying too long in the heat or the towel fibres will become harsh. It is also worthwhile to note that excessive exposure to sunlight will fade colours.

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