LotusGrill Portable Barbecues

2012 November 26 |  Words by Samantha Jones | 




Pack your barbecue as easily as a fold-up chair!

We are going crazy for these LotusGrill Portable Barbecues here at Avago. On the beach, at a park, in the bush or just in your back yard, the LotusGrill is the must have item of summer.

The revolutionary portable barbecue makes enjoying seared steaks, grilled meat, vegetables and a host of other food favourites more convenient than ever! Its health benefits are numerous too thanks to an intelligent design that allows fat and grease to drip off safely, so your delicious outdoor feasts won’t affect that hard earned bikini body!

Available in a range of scintillating colours, the LotusGrill works via a built-in battery operated fan, which heats up quickly and has a power button that adjusts heat dispersion as necessary. The charcoal burns in one closed container inside the LotusGrill ensuring optimal safety even if the grill topples over. Its double wall construction means it can be moved safely even when in use.

If you’re looking for a great gift for the festive season or simply something that elevates your outdoor enjoyment during summer, this is the item for you!

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