Vase Variations

2013 April 26 | Words by Samantha Jones
vase flowers

Experimenting with plants and flowers… Don’t wait for someone to send you flowers before displaying your vases in all their glory. Instead take some inspiration from our Avago experts and utilise a range of plants and flowers from your back yard to bring some outdoor flair into your home. A lone branch of flowers in […]

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Avago Residence | Vase Variations

Flower Power

2013 April 01 | Words by Samantha Jones
Flowers Vasette Store Front

Boutique florist, Flowers Vasette, dazzles with artistry and design innovation If you’ve ever been to Brunswick Street Fitzroy in Melbourne, chances are Flowers Vasette and its landmark signage and sculptures has caught your attention. Something of a Melbourne retail icon, the bustling business delivers throughout the Melbourne metropolitan region building a reputation for aesthetic distinction, thanks to […]

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Avago Residence | Flower Power

Removing Carpet Stains with Vinegar!

2013 March 12 | Words by Samantha Jones
Carpet Stains

The power of vinegar on unsightly carpet stains! Carpet stains are an unfortunate part of everyday living and can occur to even the most fastidiously clean among us. A beautiful cream carpet can be instantly tarnished with one little spill, but all is not hopeless thanks to a simple, smart home remedy that will ensure […]

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Avago Residence | Removing Carpet Stains with Vinegar!

Party with Paper Eskimo!

2013 February 27 | Words by Samantha Jones
Paper Eskimo Kid Table Setting

Create the perfect Paper Eskimo party! If you’re looking for some great party wear for your son or daughters birthday party, then you’ll love Paper Eskimo’s exciting range of products. Fun, colourful and available in a range of themes, Paper Eskimo brings the ‘wow’ factor to celebrating your child’s milestones! The brain child of enigmatic […]

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Avago Residence | Party with Paper Eskimo!

The Art of the Chocolate Melt

2013 January 11 | Words by Samantha Jones
Melted Chocolate

As easy as one, two, three… It might melt deliciously and easily in your mouth, but trying to melt chocolate for cooking purposes can prove to be significantly more challenging. Achieving the right temperature and proximity to heat is a precarious balancing act, that if slightly off can result in your chocolate burning and clumping. […]

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Avago Residence | The Art of the Chocolate Melt

Utensil Essentials

2012 December 20 | Words by Samantha Jones

Whether you’re just getting started in the kitchen or you’re a chef-in-the-making, there are essential items that every cook should have in their arsenal. A good knife selection will set you in good stead, with a cook’s knife being one of the more valuable tools to invest in. Recognised for its versatility, this knife type, […]

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Avago Residence | Utensil Essentials

“Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside”

2012 December 19 | Words by Samantha Jones

Here at Avago, we’ve noticed a distinct nautical influence lining our shelves. From tea towels, to cushions, cutlery and accessories, oceanic influences are prevalent across a range of the brands we stock. As summer is fast approaching, it is a great time to introduce this theme into your home. Bright and fresh, these pieces are […]

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Avago Residence | “Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside”

Skip Hop!

2012 December 14 | Words by Samantha Jones
Skip Hop Bags

A skip, hop and a jump in-front of the rest! Are you looking for a gift for a friend’s kid for its birthday? Or simply a playful, practical item your own child will love? Then check out Skip Hop’s colourful range of character driven products. For the kids Plates, bowls, bookends, bags and bibs all […]

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Avago Residence | Skip Hop!

Lead a Sunny Life!

2012 December 10 | Words by Samantha Jones
Lead A Sunny Life

Fun in the Sunny Life! If you’re looking for a way to enhance your summer lovin’ experience, look no further than SunnyLIFE’s vivacious range of outdoor products. Practical, entertaining and oh so fashionable, SunnyLIFE’s Beach items provide the complete ocean-side experience. Beach Seats, Beach Paddles and Portable Radios for the Beach Here at Avago, we […]

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Avago Residence | Lead a Sunny Life!

LotusGrill Portable Barbecues

2012 November 26 | Words by Samantha Jones

    Pack your barbecue as easily as a fold-up chair! We are going crazy for these LotusGrill Portable Barbecues here at Avago. On the beach, at a park, in the bush or just in your back yard, the LotusGrill is the must have item of summer. The revolutionary portable barbecue makes enjoying seared steaks, […]

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Avago Residence | LotusGrill Portable Barbecues