Flower Power

2013 April 01 |  Words by Samantha Jones | 

Flowers Vasette Melbourne

Boutique florist, Flowers Vasette, dazzles with artistry and design innovation

If you’ve ever been to Brunswick Street Fitzroy in Melbourne, chances are Flowers Vasette and its landmark signage and sculptures has caught your attention. Something of a Melbourne retail icon, the bustling business delivers throughout the Melbourne metropolitan region building a reputation for aesthetic distinction, thanks to its alluring array of aromas, scents, flowers and foliage’s.

Here at Avago, we are enamoured by their extensive range and inspirational designs. Everything from classic bunches to breathtaking and inspirational floristry is catered to and expertly constructed by the large team of florists behind the circa 1989 company’s aspirational artistry. Spearheaded by business owner Cherrie Miriklis, Flowers Vasette endeavours to create designs that simultaneously challenge traditional floristry and maintain top quality workmanship.



Flowers Vasette Store

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