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2012 October 04 |  Words by Samantha Jones | 

Tips for spring cleaning your pantry…

The pantry can be one of the messiest, most disorganised features of the home. Used almost every day and added to at least once a week, it can be difficult to stay on top of the ever growing supply without some semblance of order. From labelling to repackaging and sectioning, there are numerous ways to bring order to the chaos.

For a top to bottom clean, start by removing everything from your pantry onto the kitchen bench and giving each item a thorough clean down. Throw out all products that have expired or are past their best before date and put aside anything that you have never used or probably won’t (these items can be a good idea to donate to charities or food drives).

Invest in extra storage solutions to maximise space – baskets, small wires shelves and containers are ideal. Also, consider repacking items like flour, pasta and rice into sealed containers to help maximise space and improve aesthetic appeal.

Labelling items in containers is a fantastic way to keep order, particularly when transferring packaged products to containers. For the exceptionally dedicated, colour co-ordinating labels with corresponding product types is a great way to remind yourself to keep things neat, tidy and in their designated area of the cupboard.

When arranging the order of items, place those that are frequently used on shelves within easy reach. The heaviest items should go on the lower shelves, leaving the upper levels for lighter weight items and those that are most routinely accessed. Group similar items together in sections like pasta, baking, cans, spreads, oils and sauces, tea and coffee. It is also a good idea to utilise space on walls or doors to hang spice racks or other inventive storage mechanisms.

Once order has been restored, maintain it by making a point to unload groceries straight into their correct places immediately when you bring them home. Another good rule of thumb is to make sure you give your pantry a big spring clean twice a year ensuring content remains fresh and neat.

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