Top 5 Barbecuing Tips this Australia Day

2014 January 12 |  Words by Samantha Jones | 

Australia Day BBQ

All you need to know about barbecuing this Australia Day

Few things are as quintessentially Australian as firing up the barbecue and cooking up a delicious feast for family and friends. With Australia Day fast approaching, a good portion of the country will spend it in close proximity to a barbecue, whipping up grilled cuts of meat for family and friends.

Ensure you get the best results by following our top five barbecuing tips:

1. Avoid cooking meat cold

As delicious as barbecued food tastes, it can be difficult to achieve the perfect all over cook. To avoid burning your succulent meat cuts, make sure they are brought back to room temperature before cooking. This allows the meat to be cooked all the way through, without reducing the outside to blackened charcoal. The more tepid your meat is on the inside, the more evenly grilled your finished product will be.

2. Patience is a barbecuing virtue

Cooking your meats on a barbecue that has not been pre-heated properly will result in a less than satisfactory final product. So if you’re after that perfect, crisp finish, delicious barbecue flavour and evenly cooked cut of meat, give your barbecue the time it needs to heat up. This is also beneficial for hygiene reasons, as it will ensure any areas of the barbecue that might not have been properly cleaned last time, are hot enough to eradicate any lingering germs.

3. Restrict yourself to no more than two turns

One of the biggest mistakes an overzealous barbecuer can make is flipping the meats a thousand times during one grill session. This is absolutely not necessary. Meats cook better when left alone, requiring just one, two at the absolutely most, turns to achieve the perfect grill. Continually flipping, poking, prodding and squashing the meat will leave it sad and dry with your guests reaching for the nearest drink to wash it down. Give your meat the time it deserves to achieve that scrumptious barbecue grill.

4. Allow your meat to rest before devouring

As tempting as it can be to start gorging once the meat leaves the grill, resist this urge and allow meat to rest for a few minutes before serving. Doing this ensures the muscles fibres relax and take back the juices all the while locking in optimal barbecue flavour.

5. Clean soon rather than later

While you’re leaving your meat to rest for a few minutes, get into the habit of scraping your barbecue down immediately after use as it’s easier to clean when the grill and hotplate is still warm. Use a long-handled wire grill brush on your grill rack to clean off charred debris As well as being useful for hygiene purposes, cleaning the barbecue well each time you use it prevents flavours transferring between each grill.

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