Red, Red Wine, You Make Us Feel So Fine…

2012 September 24 |  Words by Samantha Jones | 

9 Things You Might Not Know…

1.There are a number of different red wine varieties, the most popular being Zinfandel, Merlot, Chianti, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Pinot Noir.

2. A red wines flavour is influenced by the type of soil the grapes are grown in and the method of which it has aged.

3. Red wines achieve their rich aesthetic because colour is extracted from the grape skins during the fermentation process.

4. Red wines are differentiated and classified by their ‘body type’ and can be either light, medium or full bodied.

5. A wine’s body refers to its ‘mouth feel’ and amount of Tannin

6. Red wines are made from grapes grown in different regions around the world like Western Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South America, California and the Pacific Northwest.

7. Red wine has more health benefits than any other type of alcohol. It contains resveratrol, a substance that in low doses has been found to have a positive influence on the prevention of aging and the promotion of heart health.

8. The darker shades of wine are the richest and most ripe and are usually made in places with warmer climates.

9. A standard 150ml glass of red wine is approximately 125 calories.

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