Boiling Point

2012 October 14 |  Words by Samantha Jones | 

Energy saving tips for your kettle…

When it comes to combating global warming, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. We’re bombarded on a daily basis with grand energy saving schemes (don’t drive a car! convert your home!), many of which are neither financially viable nor realistic options for the average Australian. There are however, hundreds of small habitual changes you and your family can make to help reduce your carbon imprint.
One of these effective small changes is not overfilling your kettle. Boiling one cup of water requires approximately 0.03125kwh of electricity and generates around 0.015kg CO2, yet figures suggest we routinely boil at least twice as much as we need, effectively wasting more than double the amount of electricity and CO2 each time we make a cup of tea.
The easiest way to accurately calculate how much water you’ll require is to take the guess work out of the process. Instead of filling directly from the tap, fill up the cup/s you’ll be drinking from and pour its content directly into the kettle. Along with the obvious environmental benefits this minor adjustment will reap, it also has the dual benefit of repaying any extra time spent correctly measuring with a shorter boiling time.

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