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2012 September 28 |  Words by Samantha Jones | 

Tips for making your candles last longer

Few things provide ambience to a room like a lit candle. The soft lighting, pleasant aromas and generally pleasing aesthetic are a staple of many a home’s décor. Once lit though, making them last and retaining their striking appearance can be a tricky task, but these six tips will help to ensure longevity.

Candle Wall

1. Keep candles out of the sunlight and other places receptive to heat by storing them in cool, dry and dark spaces. This will prevent unintentional melting.

2. Before the inaugural burn of a candle, trim the wick to a quarter-inch before burning. A shorter wick will produce the ideal flame for the most efficient burn. The flame should be a steady tear-drop shape that doesn’t flicker or smoke erratically.

3. Before burning, place candles in the freezer. This is a great way to slow the candle burn.

4. Ensure candles are kept away from areas with a high draft. Drafts impact the evenness of the burn and can affect the candles life.

5. For tea light candles, remove them from their metal holders and lightly press on the bottom to create an area where the wax can pool. Doing this allows all the way from the tea light to be utilised.

6. Check suggested burning times on the candle packaging. There are often minimum burning time suggestions that allow you to ensure even long lasting burning.

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